Our Committee 2019 – 2020

Pre-School Committee

Caversham Heights Pre-School is a charitable organisation, run by a Committee of Parents.

The Committee is elected each year at our Annual General Meeting (normally held in June), when current Pre-School parents can volunteer to be on the Committee. Parents are also welcome to join the Committee throughout the year.

The Committee are responsible for supporting the management and care standards of the Pre-School, taking care of administration behind the scenes, to allow the Pre-School staff to focus on their time with the children.  One of the key roles of the Committee is to fundraise for the charity, with fundraising being an essential source of income to keep Pre-School running. All funds raised are used directly within the Pre-School, for example for new equipment and resources for the children.

Committee Roles

Please note that if there are insufficient committee members to cover all the committee posts outlined in this section, then committee members can take on more than one post (but the chair, secretary and treasurer must be separate people).


The Chair should take the lead in ensuring that the Pre-School is progressing in an appropriate way and that the group is run in a sound and responsible way in accordance with the group’s constitution.  This should include an element of forward planning to ensure that changes in the local community or in regulations governing the group are anticipated and dealt with, without disruption to the group and to the children.


The Secretary is largely responsible for the Pre-School’s compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, documenting committee and supporting the Chair in relation to staffing matters.  The Secretary is also responsible for producing and distributing the minutes from the committee.


The treasurer is formally responsible for the correct financial conduct of the Pre-School and prepares the annual accounts and budgets.  Ideally the treasurer should be elected at the AGM and stand for a year. If the treasurer stands down before the AGM, the accounts will be audited before handing over to the new treasurer.

Parents’ Rota Secretary

The Parents’ Rota Secretary is responsible for ensuring that there are Parent Helpers available for each session of Pre-School.

Social Secretary 

The Social Secretary is responsible for organising social activities for the children and parents.

Fundraising Officers

The Fundraising Officers are primarily responsible for researching and implementing (with the assistance of the Committee) activities in which the Preschool can raise funds for toys, equipment and any special projects with or for the children.

Newsletter Officer

The newsletter officer is responsible for passing information on to parents and sends out a weekly email newsletter to all parents.

Bookclub & Vouchers Officer

Distributes book catalogues to all parents, collects orders and money and distributes books to parents.  Manage voucher based fundraising initiatives such as Sainburys.

Milk Officer 

Completes monthly milk returns.

Webadmin Officer

The Webadmin Officer is responsible for managing and updating the pre-school website and Tapestry system.

Committee Members’ Acceptance of Policies

Caversham Heights Pre-School has a written statement of policy in the key issues relating to the correct, legal and fair way of running the Pre-School.  This is supported by detailed Policies and Procedures, which are followed by the committee and staff.

Copies of the policies and procedures are made available for Committee members to refer to. These will be emailed to you unless a paper copy is requested. A paper copy is also available at Pre-School. This is updated each year in the Spring term.

Joining the Committee

For more information, or if you are a current parent interested in joining the Committee, please speak to Catherine Seaward, Chair of the Committee.

Current Committee

Our current (2019 – 2020) Committee includes:

Chair – Catherine Seaward
Vice Chair – Charlotte Ives
Secretary – Julia Panteli

Treasurer -Kate Sheppard