Snakes in a School!

Three year old Bea and Kaa the Boa Constrictor

Nearly thirty children from Caversham Heights Preschool enjoyed an adventurous morning coming face to face with bearded dragons, corn snakes, box turtles, monitor lizards and boa constrictors.

Kath Yarwood with Bea and Blondie the Bearded Dragon

Preschool Supervisor Kath Yarwood said: “All the children were so excited to meet, stroke and hold the reptiles. It was a fantastic educational experience for them, which I’m sure they’ll remember for a long time.”

Chair of the Preschool Committe Katy Robinson added: “We had a very successful fundraising perion over Christmas which has allowed us to offer some really special activities for the children this term.”

James meets Graham and his monitor lizard

Four-year-old pre-schooler James said: “My favourite was the little snake. I saw him licking with his tongue. The boa snake was very heavy and the lizard was spiky.”

Bea and Blondie

The visit from Berkshire Reptile Encounters was led by keeper Graham Martin who founded the educational business to raise funds for Berkshire Reptile Rescue who have rehabilitated and rehomed hundreds of unwanted reptiles over the past 20 years.


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